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Microchipping courses

Was interested in booking a course with Petlog.

Has anyone attended one of their training courses or can recomend another good one which will qualify you to be able to purchase the required equipment.



Hi Becci I went on a Petlog course some years ago now . It was great it was only for a day and you could take a pet with you . What ever you were wishing to Micochip by the end of the day you were microchipping your own pet and recieving your certificate .
  You can buy everything you need from then onwards and you can also have a refresher course if and when you ever require one. Well worth the money  Take Care   Ann

Thanks Ann the PetLog was the one I was looking at however the one nearest to me is fully booked Sad will pop my name down on a waiting list.


I did my pet detect microchip training last weekend and it was very good value i took three cats and chipped all them and now have all my chips and equipment ready to chip some more of my adults and my kittens. Id recomend pet detect and petlog everytime, once youve paid for the inittial training you can also go on thier next local training session free and chip another three pets at no extra cost if you feel you need the practice. I recieved all my stuff within two days of ordering, I went for the pocket size scanner on thier website and bought 20 online chips, gun, syringe, sinbin and got a free bag for 217 pounds. I can now chip all my kittens if required ans would definatly chip any breeding cats I may sell in the future this way they can always be traced back to me.  Laughing


I was thinking of doing one of these courses a couple of years ago. I know they are very, very good. My vet only charges 15 for micro-chipping so it did not seem cost effective at the time.

Margaret McGurk

Yes, Petlog/Petdetect courses are great.  As mentioned you can chip three animals while there.  The ordering service is excellent with goods delivered next day by recorded delivery.  

My vet charges 32.50 for a 'chip' (expensive!).  I include chipping in the price of a kitten (vet thinks I'm crazy, of course).  Initially I charged another 10 but as time went on and everything else so expensive including the chip in my price ensured kittens WERE chipped before they left me!

I'd definitely go for it.

Margaret McGurk

I am looking to attend the course in Essex on April 2nd the beauty is that you only have to pay on the day if you pass. They also said that the pass mark is high so i am hoping i can do it.

I was also thinking that if for some reason my vet is unable to early neuter one of my kittens then when they return the proof of neuter, the signed letter from vet, they will know its the right cat because of the chip no.

Do you register all your cats in your name just incase they ever needed to come back to you later in life?
Margaret McGurk

Hi Becci

Yes, that's a good idea.

I register the kitten in the new owner's name but there's a place on the form for 'Special Info' and I put 'Bred by Rubicatz Ragdolls'.....and then my phone number.

I also put my telephone number as one of the Emergency Contact numbers, explaining to the new owner, 'if the cat doesn't get back to'll get back to me.  I'm thinking of an occasion when they might have moved house and not changed their address details.

As I am also the person who microchips the kittens I would be able to change the cat back to my name at no cost.

I do know some breeders who register all the chips in their name when they get them and then the new owner pays the transfer fee (assuming they do the transfer!).

Margart McGurk

Margaret McGurk wrote:
there's a place on the form for 'Special Info' and I put 'Bred by Rubicatz Ragdolls'.....and then my phone number.

Margart McGurk

That is a good idea Margaret. There is nothing on the BackHome data form or website for special info etc, or for two contact details etc. I chip and neuter my kittens before they leave me. The chip is registered in my name but I give the option of changing these details to the new owners as many do ask about it. With BackHome you are given a four week grace period to change details, after this it costs 6.00 to change any details.

I think it would be a good idea to also keep the breeders details on the chip just incase the new owners can not be contacted.
Margaret McGurk

I believe Petlog also register each batch of chips with the 'Chipper' they're sent to.  This means that, even in the unlikely situation that a kitten was chipped and no details registered, they'd know who'd had that particular whip sent out to them.

Margaret McGurk
Margaret McGurk

LOL...interesting typo....'particular CHIP sent out to them'.

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